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Embrace has made history in three journalism organizations: Florida Magazine Association, Florida Press Club, and Associated Church Press.

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Queering Recovery
A queer-centric approach to recovery is crucial because it focuses on this community's unique needs and experiences. This type of approach can help create a more inclusive and affirming recovery process that is better equipped to meet the needs of LGBTQ people.
Finding a Home for Us All
Although homelessness can affect anyone, rates are much higher among already-marginalized groups. LGBTQ+ groups are particularly badly affected by homelessness, so we’re going to zoom in on how you can mobilize to support these vulnerable populations.
Financial Planning for Same-Sex Married Couples
Money and marriage can be tricky to balance. Here are some useful tips to help LGBTQ+ couples get from the wedding reception to retirement.
Filing Taxes as a Same-Sex Married Couple
The initial thought once married is to share everything together. But that may not be in your best interest when filing taxes. Here are some things to consider regarding the dos and don’ts of filing taxes as a same-sex married couple.
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